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It compiles activities, news with a showcase of past and recent projects. AmateurProvokateur is a moniker which I go by and UNIT is a commercial graphic art studio which was previously established as a subsidary of GreenHouse D+C. UNIT has been an independent entity since December 2006. It now serves as an online showcase for creative expression and exploration at the intersection of art, music and visual communication.

AmateurProvokateur & UNIT are now 2 to the power of 1.

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36: 2007

Joining DJ Motomiya in Singapore for the Dual City Sessions: Null exhibition this 30 Nov (Friday) will be Eiji Fukuda of Realjo[k]e Recordings/Fat32. They will both be playing alongside Dual City Sessions (Singapore) artist, Daniel at the reception party.

Dual City Sessions are:
Felix Ng (Silnt), Hjgher, Grace Tan (Kwodrent), Hanson Ho (H55), Tom Merckx (Me & Mr Jones/Equus), Choy Ka Fai, Christopher Lee (The Asylum), Daniel Koh (OgilvyOne/UNIT), Larry Peh (&Larry), Steve Lawler, JunkFlea, Mei (The Analog Girl), Shu (Silnt), ND Chow.

35: 2007

ARTicle is a compilation of design work around the globe. No.20 this month showcases the work of MAKE.

34: 2007

Get Physical

Get Physical, one of the most influential label that's coming from Berlin, Germany. Co-founder Booka Shade's online presence is simplistic yet functional.

33: 2007

Dual City Sessions
Its objective: to showcase the collaborative effort between two creative communities, bringing together emerging and innovative practitioners in the field of art, fashion, design and music. More details

32: 2007


ARTicle is a showcase of the best creatives around the world. No.19 showcases the work of &Larry.

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